Dendrobox is an interactive exploration tool for tree-ring data and its connection to climate. I published a short (and by now slighty outdated) tech report about it in Dendrochronologia.

The data comes from the International Tree-Ring Data Base.

In total, 3760 tree-ring chronologies are used for this project. This is not the complete ITRDB data set, since I used only the chronologies or raw data files which adhered the ITRDB data formatting standards and could be read in by dplR without errors.

The Chronology graph shows the standard chronology for the site. Whereever possible, the original chronologies are used, when these were not available, new chronologies have been built from the raw measurements, using spline detrending (50% frequency cutoff at 67% of the curve length, using R package dplR).

The Climate graph shows the climatology of the site at point, as monthly precipitation sums (blue bars) and temperature means (red line) for the climate normal period 1960-1990 for the nearest 30 arcseconds grid point from WorldClim Version 1.

The Dendroclimatology graph shows the response functions from previous June through current September for temperature (red line) and precipitation (blue bars). Response functions are computed with bootstrapped principal component regression, using R package treeclim. For this step, CRU TS 3.22 gridded monthly climate data is interpolated based on the four nearest gridpoints using R package tusk. More details on the procedure can be found in the package documentation.

The visualization is done using D3.js and TopoJSON.

This work is licensed
          under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.